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Customer Service

Meet Your Customer Service Team:


Customer Service Lead


Joined the Osborne Team in December 2005

"I love talking to our customers and listening to their ideas. It's also very satisfying when I am able to help a customer decide what they want or when I am able to help them with a problem to come up with, not just a satisfactory solution, but a solution that they are very pleased with."



Front Office Team Lead


Joined the Osborne Team in November 2009

"Most of my knowledge of the woodworking industry has been learned while I have been with Osborne Wood Products. I have learned a great deal about the industry including the differences in wood species, the variety of woodworking fields, product applications, and different furniture components. My favorite part of being a Customer Service Representative is getting to know our customers!"



Customer Service Representative


Joined the Osborne Team in August 2012

" I like using 'Sherlock Holmes skills' to figure out solutions to problems that present themselves during the day. So many times when the phone rings, it is a customer with a unique situation, and they are asking me for an answer."



Customer Service Representative


Joined the Osborne Team in February 2018

"I love the fast paced environment and being able to talk with customer and hearing their ideas and inspirations."


Marketing Associate 


Joined the Osborne Team in January 2018

"I love being able to see our customers finished projects and know our product is making a difference. One of the most rewarding parts of being a CSR is a customer calling in with a product idea, they draw the sketch on a napkin, and there is a chance that I can help them get the product into their hands and prepared for their project."






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