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Meet Your Customer Service Team:


Customer Service Lead


Joined the Osborne Team in December 2005

"I love talking to our customers and listening to their ideas. It's also very satisfying when I am able to help a customer decide what they want or when I am able to help them with a problem to come up with, not just a satisfactory solution, but a solution that they are very pleased with."



Customer Service Representative


Joined the Osborne Team in November 2009

"Most of my knowledge of the woodworking industry has been learned while I have been with Osborne Wood Products. I have learned a great deal about the industry including the differences in wood species, the variety of woodworking fields, product applications, and different furniture components. My favorite part of being a Customer Service Representative is getting to know our customers!"



Customer Service Representative


Joined the Osborne Team in August 2012

" I like using 'Sherlock Holmes skills' to figure out solutions to problems that present themselves during the day. So many times when the phone rings, it is a customer with a unique situation, and they are asking me for an answer."





Customer Service Representative


Joined the Osborne Team in January 2018





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