New Wood Species Released: Poplar

March 24, 2022 - Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is excited to introduce a new wood species to our product line. Sold exclusively as a paint-grade option, poplar is a wonderful addition to our current offerings. It is an affordable wood species that is widely used by carpenters and DIY hobbyists due to its versatility.

Customers that are interested in certain classic table leg, island leg or furniture feet profiles will have the ability to choose poplar as their preferred wood species. A majority of our wood species are meant to be stained and while we do have other paint-grade options, poplar will be priced extremely competitively.

Poplar is a light colored wood that often has streaks along its grain. When painted, it presents a refined and smooth finish. It is ideal for DIY projects because it is easy to turn and manipulate while building. Although it is easy to work with, it is considered a hardwood and has a long-lasting durability.

Since poplar will be sold as a paint-grade wood species, it will have no limitations on the number of laminates. There are also no requirements for the colors of putty and filler used on poplar components. Poplar joins several other wood species in our collection including alder, cherry, red oak, soft maple, mahogany, hard maple, walnut and more.

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