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Oak Feet for Cabinetry and Furniture

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We offer oak feet in a variety of styles that include round bun feet and square bun feet, as well as ogee feet and sofa legs.   It is important to note that many of our leg styles might serve as feet for furniture design.  Of course, one naturally thinks of chairs and tables in addition to kitchen cabinet work when thinking of places where one usually sees oak feet.  The national styles associated with these are equally varied.  Spanish pieces from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries frequently used oak.  This style enjoyed a revival in popularity twice in the twentieth century and particularly during the 1920s as a parallel to the rise of Spanish Revival architecture.  Heavily carved reproduction Spanish furniture filled dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms where the oak feet appeared in beautiful contrast against highly polished wood or tile floors.   Among the more unique styles were the Spanish coffers and oak chairs with tooled leather seats and backs. 

 The provincial furniture of France from this period also used oak; particularly pieces from Normandy where the preference for oak and oak feet continued well into the twentieth century.  Likewise, country English furniture tends toward oak in a dark finish from finer pieces on down to the traditional pub tables that rest on heavily turned oak feet.  In addition to the previously mentioned pieces, coffers and chests, which were made in a variety of regions often landed on oak feet.  Another unusual piece that is frequently seen with these feet is the uniquely English piece known as a Bible box.   English chests from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are frequently seen with oak feet.  These earlier style invariably are presented with a very dark finish.

The use of lighter oak finishes is more frequently associated with American furniture beginning in the fourth quarter of the nineteenth century and continuing in popularity until the beginning of the 1920s.  Usually known as golden oak finish, oak feet from this period will be found on chests and chairs that boast a sturdy appearance.  Oak feet will also be found on the highly desirable and collectable Arts and Crafts pieces from roughly the same period of time.