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Oak Legs for Furniture and Cabinetry

Oak Legs

Oak legs are the leg of choice for a broad variety of projects.  With very dark stains and finishes they are invaluable in creating an appropriate appearance for Jacobean, Gothic Revival or Arts and Crafts settings.  The best gate-leg tables are presently on heavily turned oak legs with dark finishes.  Beautiful chests, dining tables and the traditional country British sideboard known as a Welsh dresser will more often than not be supported by oak legs as are the various styles of benches and stools found in the country side.  American furniture tended to follow the English lead during the eighteenth and nineteenth century supported by our abundance of native oak.  Oak legs are also seen on Bavarian tables, older Spanish chests and the heavy furniture styles associated with the Normandy region of France.  Highly polished furniture with dark oak legs will quickly set an appropriate tone for a cottage setting or manor house effect.  Turned dark oak legs define stability and tradition when used as dining table legs

In lighter golden finishes, oak legs serve well in settings that want to reflect American farm furniture in the period just before and after the turn of the last century.  Beautiful chairs, benches, side tables and dining tables appear with lighter finished oak legs at this time.  Beyond this, however, are such wonderful pieces as the traditional English or Welsh dressers, which are almost invariably presented in dark oak.  In spite of the name, these types of dressers are actually long pieces with shelves and storage above that were initially used for storing china and table necessities either in a kitchen, service pantry, or dining room.  Oak legs in the barley twist pattern are the quickest way to set a seventeenth century tone.  And the use of oak legs in something more geometric such as the Square Mission Leg can contribute to the feeling of Arts and Crafts or Mission styled work.  It is also possible to create stools with oak legs using a table skirting kit from one of the lower table lines such as the coffee table legs category.  These stools may be comfortably finished with cushion tops for comfort.  Wonderful bedsteads may be made as well using oak legs.  Particularly impressive is the canopied style known as a tester bed.  Pronounced “ TEE-ster,” this particularly style of canopied bed has the distinct ability to be draped and yet maintain a distinctly masculine appearance.  Our 35 1/2"-36” island legs are particularly impressive when ordered in oak.

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