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Traditional Fluted Dining Table Leg (29″ x 3 12″)

29″ x 3 12 Part #1112 Traditional Fluted Dining Table Leg
Material Price Each Quantity

Traditional Selection

•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $44.17  ea
•  Red Oak $59.36  ea
•  Knotty Pine $36.27  ea
•  Cherry $78.05  ea

Premium Selection

•  Hickory $72.94  ea
•  Alder $51.73  ea
•  Hard Maple $69.49  ea
•  Mahogany $84.39  ea
•  Black Walnut $102.99  ea
•  White Oak $69.52  ea
•  Beech $138.98  ea

Specialty Wood Selection

•  Rustic Alder $95.17  ea
•  Tiger Maple $190.41  ea
•  Western Red Cedar $138.98  ea
•  Spanish Cedar $232.10  ea
•  Rustic Heart Pine $275.61  ea

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The evolution of the farm table is truly fascinating. What once began as a simple square leg to support a much needed dining space has grown into an elegant, welcoming must have furniture piece. The rustic charm of farm tables continued to expand as round turned table legs entered the picture. The intricate hand crafted legs, delicately turned specifically for a country table are a beautiful addition to the home. But the progression didn't stop there!


The Fluted Modified English Country Dining Table Leg truly speaks volumes. The name says it all: the piece is a country farm table worth turning modified with the classic fluting style. Fluting is often found in column features, pilasters, and other kitchen design elements. This table leg easily compliments the other elegant features found throughout the home. Find the simpler version of this table leg without fluting Here (Part #1111).


Available in over 18 wood types the Fluted Modified English Country Dining Table Leg is a perfect option for your next farm table. For best quality we recommend finishing this leg immediately upon receipt.


Have you used this table leg in your design? We would love to feature your project. Share Your Photos Here!


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