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Tapered Mission End Table Leg (21″ x 3″)

21″ x 3″ Part #1219 Tapered Mission End Table Leg
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•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $46.81  ea
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•  Knotty Pine $30.34  ea
•  Cherry $68.21  ea

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•  Hickory $61.87  ea
•  Alder $41.65  ea
•  Hard Maple $59.95  ea
•  Mahogany $67.91  ea
•  Black Walnut $83.08  ea

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Our Tapered Mission leg begins as a variation on the tapered leg theme but with three visual components as compared to the tapered leg which has two clear parts. The Tapered Mission leg begins with a squared top that comprises about a fifth of the leg. Follow a routed separation, the shaft portion of the tapered leg begins. Separated by a second routing, the tapering continues but is clearly serving as I delineated foot. The perimeter edges of tapered portion of the leg - along with the exposed portions of the top part of the leg - are visually reinforced with routing, which effectively draws a heavy outline that defines the beautiful shape of the leg.


The top block on this leg is only recessed on two adjacent sides. The remaining two sides are smooth.


Osborne can make a table base kit for you using this leg, and can ship it out by the following business day of your order. Just click “Order a Table Apron with this Leg” (just below the Add to Cart button), and you will see how we produce our high quality table base kits—everything but the table top! Each piece is made to your exact specifications, and includes all the hardware you need to put together a beautiful table base. You select the length, width, overhang, profile edge and wood type, and we do all the milling to your specifications, and in just one day!
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Mission End Table Legs