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Lg Fluted Half Round Dowel Moulding

48″ x 2 58″ x  78 Part #7208.48 Lg Fluted Half Round Dowel Moulding
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•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $40.67  ea
•  Red Oak $43.10  ea
•  Knotty Pine $37.18  ea
•  Cherry $74.84  ea

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•  Alder $84.34  ea
•  Hard Maple $48.80  ea
•  Black Walnut $78.56  ea

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Our 48" length of large fluted half dowel molding is an excellent choice for giving style to otherwise flat and dull fronts. This molding is scaled for wider fronts such as the leading edges of forward facing cabinet sidewalls on larger pieces of cabinetwork. When the appearance of a full column is just what a design needs, but the space is lacking, Large Half Round Onlays (molding) are the perfect solution! Even half posts can often be too thick in areas where space is limited, and what is needed is more of a low relief facade than the high relief of a half post. With a depth of a mere 7/8 inch, half dowel moldings can be used along with plinth blocks and spools to create the look of a column. More than just the standard column calling for a base and a capital, the look of a segmented column can be achieved as well, using plinths, spools, capitals, and even half-finials. Each of these elements is able to be used interchangeably along shorter lengths of molding to create this look.

 These items are available in twelve inch increments between 24 and 96 inches and 11 wood types. Use them with our assorted plinths, spools, half-finials, and other wood onlays; these moldings are versatile and make coordinating easy!

Listed as our 3 1/2 inch moldings, these half dowel onlays are actually 2 5/8 wide. The difference is actually accounted for in the width of the plinths these moldings coordinate to. Essentially, these moldings can be used to create a column which has an overall width of 3 1/2 inches.

Osborne Wood Products Large Fluted Half Dowel Molding is a great alternative to plain molding. The vertical flutes not only add a look of elegance and class, but they also help the surface that it is applied to appear a bit taller. Offered in 7 different lengths, one is sure to find exactly the size that is needed for any project.

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