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Basket Weave Moulding

3 12″ x  12″ x 96″ Part #7413.96 Basket Weave Moulding
Material Price Each Quantity

Traditional Selection

•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $212.45  ea
•  Rubberwood (paintgrade) $161.88  ea
•  Red Oak $181.73  ea
•  Knotty Pine $172.06  ea
•  Paintgrade $111.82  ea
•  Cherry $254.14  ea

Premium Selection

•  Alder $197.57  ea
•  Hard Maple $215.31  ea
•  Mahogany $289.56  ea
•  Black Walnut $292.35  ea

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The basket weave style is one of the newer styles on the scene. This molding is different because it is not just run through a molder or shaper. Can you imagine the man hours you would need to try to hand carve an 8-foot stick of this molding for a project? The Osborne Wood Products craftsmen have saved you the labor. All you have to do is point and click to get it, and then cut and attach it to the project piece. Quite a contrast from the old days of going to the lumber yard, finding the properly-grained piece and then laying out the design, carving it, sanding it and readying it for the piece of furniture. ~ Contributed by Charles Head, Beautiful Interiors

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We offer several services for our moulding that will reduce the shipping costs. UPS charges an Additional Handling fee on boxes that are longer than 48” and an even higher fee on boxes that are 96” or longer. 
On the Services Tab above, click the box next to “Cut moulding to 93” to save on shipping” and we will trim 3 inches from the end of the moulding in order to ship the moulding in a box less than 96”. This service reduces the shipping cost dramatically.
To save even more on shipping costs, click the box next to “Cut moulding so that all pieces are 45” or less to save big on shipping. (For a 96” piece of moulding, this would be two 45” pieces and one 5 ¾” piece) 
Please note that all orders with the trim/cut services added will be considered ‘Custom‘ and are not eligible for return.