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Large Acanthus Leaf Bracket

9 34″ x 4 34″ x 8″ Part #891755 Large Acanthus Leaf Bracket
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•  Paintgrade $87.50  ea
•  Cherry $150.61  ea
•  Hard Maple $122.49  ea

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This is one of the largest and more unique pieces in our Acanthus Leaf collection. The Large Acanthus Leaf Bracket takes our handcarved products to a high level of quality. The design consists of a single leaf stem that is very large and contains intricate details of the leaf down to the edges. This is another of our open brackets which makes it a good option to add some style compared to our traditional bracket options. 


This Bracket is 9 3/4 inches from top to bottom, making it a large piece that is easily noticeable. The leaf will also stretch out 8 inches away from the wall of your shelving to give it strong support as well. With an additional 4 3/4 inches of width, this piece is structurally sound yet brings character and elegance to your shelving designs. 


Available in your choice of four different wood types, this piece arrives sanded and unfinished, allowing you to stain it to a color of your pleasing. This is another of our handcarved items, making it unique to its counterparts. Paired with other Acanthus Leaf options, this can help create a similar style throughout your designs while still containing beauty throughout.