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Flat Carved Moulding

As part of the expansive collection of moulding and trim at Osborne Wood Products, there is a simple yet elegant selection of flat carved mouldings. Different from some of our other moulding designs, these wooden pieces have small depths and a flat surface on both sides of the piece. Even though they are small in size, these mouldings feature the same beautiful hand-carved designs seen on our other products and actually have additional versatility due to their thin profile.

Use one of our flat carved mouldings to add extra detail to baseboards, or apply trim to cabinets and doors. They can be used on furniture or walls, as well. With each moulding being available in several wood types, it is easy to customize your home in a unique way by choosing the best design for your space and providing your own finish to the pieces you choose. Each design has a stunning carved pattern and may be the perfect finishing touch for your space. They definitely make it easier for you to complete a specific theme since they can be applied virtually anywhere that has a flat surface.

To add simple dimension into a room, try applying the Flat Fluted Moulding (Pat #8991122) to your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. For a more elegant look, the Grape Moulding (Part #7412) features stunning carvings that would look great along the border of a bar area or in a wine cellar. All of our flat carved mouldings are 96” long and easy to attach, creating endless embellishment opportunities.

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