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Satin Ribbon Inlay strip

Part #893024
$12.65 ea

CAD Drawings

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  • 2021-04-23 Material: Paintgrade

    As before, we really liked all the products you sent us. So we are not going into detail here. They were as pictured and described online. All further boxes will be filled out the same. For this not being a survey, it kinda is feeling like one.

  • 2021-04-08 Material: Paintgrade

    It's being used as a decorative in-lay in a "do nothing" machine [= a trammel of Archimedes, a device for drawing ellipses]
    None of my friends are woodworkers, so I haven't had occasion to recommend Osborne or its products to anyone.
    The product is just what I needed -- it fits well and accepts finishes nicely.

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