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Rectangular Split Service


What Will I Receive?

The Rectangular Split Service involves the splitting of a post or island leg the length of the leg to form two (2) rectangular halves.

Two (2) Half Posts Minus the Width of the Saw Blade (1/8th Inch)

Posts from the Osborne collection that are eligible for this service include posts with both a top and bottom block, as well as posts that contain only a top block.

kitchen island posts rectangular split service

Why Add the Rectangular Split Service?

The Rectangular Split service adds incredible versatility to virtually any kitchen island leg design. When a post is split in half, each half of the leg can be used in a unique and direct application. The flat back of the piece allows the half leg to be flawlessly applied to your kitchen or bath design. Half legs are often used to add the look of custom cabinetry to your cabinet space. They can easily be applied under counter tops or bump outs to give the appearance of a load bearing post.

The options for half post application are limitless! Apply half legs to hidden spice drawers, free standing islands, bars, or kitchen cabinetry. Add the look of a full kitchen upgrade with this standard service. Order your Half Posts today!

Be Inspired: Half Posts in Application

kitchen cabinet with applied half posts kitchen island with applied half posts kitchen half posts in application
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Posts that are ineligible to receive the rectangular split service include posts featuring intricate hand carved detail. The splitting could interrupt the flow of carving, making the piece ineligible for this service.Tapered Mission Posts are another exclusion from this service. The Mission style legs and posts are recessed on two adjacent sides. A split service would not allow for two symmetrical pieces. Another style excluded from this service is the tapered legs (both four-sided and two-sided tapered legs). Finally, the Cabriole Style Table Legs are also excluded.


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