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Replacement Table Legs for Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, and End Tables

Replacement Table Legs

Our replacement table legs offer you the replacement cabinet legsopportunity to salvage a beautiful old table that is perfectly useful with the exception of a broken or damaged leg.  We have a complete inventory of legs from which you may choose.  We offer replacement table legs designed for use on tables with specific heights such as coffee table legs, end table legs or dining table legs.  Our existing inventory offers a variety of styles ranging from clean lined, tapered legs to beautifully turned legs to legs with hand carving.  Our replacement table legs may be ordered in woods suitable for painting or in finely grained woods such as black walnut or mahogany that set a quick note of elegance in a room.  In addition to our existing inventory, we can produce a custom design for you.  If you can supply replace old wooden table legsus with an existing leg, we can copy it for you exactly.  Our custom work replacement table legs can be manufactured in any of the wood types available for our standard inventory of table legs and you can begin the process by visiting our quote page.

You may want to completely change the appearance and style of an existing table by changing the legs – and you may want to use a leg that is not available in our inventory.  We will be happy to assist you with this by producing your own designs in the wood in any type of wood you select.  We also offer the ability to produce replacement table legs from our inventory of designs in sizes other than those shown through our custom design service.  This is particularly helpful when you find the precise style but you need it an odd size.  Replacement table legs may also be found to be useful on short pieces such as stools or benches.  Some of our replacement table legs can also serve as replacements for broken stair case

In addition to repairing a table with a matching replacement table leg, you can change the appearance of a sturdy but boring table into that of a family heirloom by replacing the existing legs with a selection from our many styles of replacement table legs.  This is also a great way to alter the height and make a one-of-a-kind coffee table from a table that formerly served as game table or to raise a low end table to a height that is useful for a beside or lamp table.