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Sheraton Legs for Tables and furniture, table legs, chair legs, etc.

Sheraton Legs

Sheraton legs are associated with English furniture from the very end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth century that – by extension – are seen in American furniture from the same period bearing the sheraton wood table legssame styling characteristics.  Sheraton legs are seen on American pieces that roughly correspond with the end of the American Revolution and through the Jefferson presidency where they were used as dining table legs and sofa legs.  And although they did not exist in the nineteenth century, twentieth century coffee table legs are often influenced by the Sheraton style. 

Sheraton legs are typically of two types.  The most prominent type is the square tapered leg that is prominently displayed on chairs and sideboards of the Sheraton style.  It is sometimes thought of as a descendent of the cabriolet leg that has been completely straightened out.  The typical ornamentation on tapered Sheraton legs consists of inlay more than carving.  When carving does occur it is of a very low relief unlike that seen on the earlier Chippendale style.  The vertical lines of typical Sheraton legs are also often reemphasized with fluting.  The second style associated with Sheraton legs is that of a lightly turned leg that still maintains the feeling of delicacy associated with the tapered leg – a feat that is accomplished by limiting the turned elements to an occasional few outwardly turned rights.  In spite of these exceptions it is still the tapered leg that is most frequently brought to mind when thinking of a Sheraton leg.  In addition to chairs and sideboards, this leg was used effectively on dining tables and fold top game tables in addition to the small but popular table known as a tea table.  

Sheraton legs almost seem modern in their simplicity and indeed are somewhat of a visual relief between some of the more exuberant styling associated with Chippendale and others from the late Georgian period.  Sheraton legs are certainly quieter than the rococo revival flourishes that will follow when the Victorian age hits its stride.  Still, it is because of that very quiet simplicity that furniture with Sheraton legs has continued to be admired by subsequent generations.  Sheraton legs are one of a handful of designs that work equally well in clean, modern interiors in addition to being quite at home in traditional interiors.  Sheraton legs are a good choice when clean lines are an important consideration for your room.


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