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Create a Table Base Kit

Use this form to create a custom sized table base assembly.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • The table top is not included in the assembly
  • Standard Skirting Material is 4" X 1"
  • Skirting will be the same wood type as the legs
  • There is a 2-3 business day manufacturing lead time for all skirting sets
  • If there is a need to further customize the skirt, such as special milling or shape, please email us
Table Skirting

Choose a Type of Apron Kit
Choose Table Type

Choose Table Leg
Osborne Part #
Choose Wood Type
Wood type (Same wood for legs and skirt)
Define your Table top size (Please note that the table top is not included)
Length inches

Width inches
Define your table top overhang (Standard overhang is 2-3")
Overhang inches

Choose Table Apron Profile






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