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Installing Table Aprons

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Everything you need except the Table Top

Tale Apron PartsYour table apron kit includes everything you need for assembly with the exception of the tabletop and screws used to secure the tabletop.Click Here to determine what size table apron kit you need. The four legs are already mortised for receiving the aprons, and are pre-mounted with threaded hanger bolts for use in securing the corner blocks. Also included are four aprons that are milled with tenons in place. These are predrilled for the screws that tighten the mortise and tenon joints in addition to being predrilled for receiving the screws used for securing the tabletop: the table aprons are bored to receive the number of tabletop mounting screws appropriate to the length or span of the apron. Regardless of your overall table dimensions, the table aprons will always be milled to 1"x4" (finished) dimensions.

You will also receive four mitered wood corner blocks. These are predrilled to receive the threaded hanger bolt in addition to being predrilled for setting the screws from the brace to the backsides of the table aprons.


Your order is accompanied by all of the hardware you will require for assembly. You will receive an appropriate quantity of longer wood screws required for securing the mortise and tenon joints plus some extras. You will also receive an appropriate number of shorter wood screws to be used for mounting the mitered corner blocks to the aprons (plus some extras in case you should need them). And your order will include the four 5/16" nuts and accompanying washers needed for tightening the corner blocks to the hanger bolts.

Superior Construction

Table Apron ConstructionAt Osborne Wood Products, we take pride in knowing that we offer table apron kits that are a cut above the rest. Our superior construction methods and careful quality control ensure a strong support for your next table. Part of the stability lies in the mitered wood corner blocks we offer as part of the table apron kit. Using a mitered wood corner block, as opposed to a metal corner bracket, enables a snug fit between apron corners as it draws the tenon tightly into the mortise.

When a joinery technique that has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians is still employed frequently by woodworkers today; it is safe to say that such a technique has "stood the test of time." This joinery technique is the mortise and tenon joint, and it is the means by which Osborne Wood Products assembles their table aprons. One of the most frequently used and most secure joints, the mortise and tenon is one way to ensure a strong hold for your apron; adding to the structural integrity of the legs, and the stability of the overall design. At Osborne Wood Products, we know that what our customers need is not simply a table apron set that looks solid, but one that is as solid as it looks.

Osborne Wood Products is pleased to offer table apron kits in ten different wood types, giving the needed flexibility to meet the needs of your clients and customers. Table Apron Kits are available in Soft and Hard Maple, Red Oak, Alder, Cherry, Knotty Pine, Hickory, Mahogany, Red Birch, and Black Walnut. From our assembly page, simply select the wood type and enter the needed specifications, and click "add to cart" to order an apron kit in any of these wood types.

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