Builder's Studio: Squire Pedestal Table Kit

This episode of the Builder's Studio introduces you to our new Squire Pedestal Table Kit (Part #500172). Sara and Jonah demonstrate how easy it is to assemble! The dining table kit features stunning country legs along with a table apron, stretcher and all necessary attachment hardware. Build your own monastery or farm table in no time with this full table kit.

Assembly Instructions


  • Squire Table Kit
    • Four (4) Country Dining Table Legs
    • Top Skirt Boards (2 long and 2 short)
    • Bottom Stretcher Boards (1 long and 2 short)
    • Four (4) Wooden Corner Blocks
  • Attachment screws and bolts

You will need:

  • 1⁄2” wrench
  • Drill
  • Wood Glue


1. Complete a dry fit of the components. All of these boards are mortised and tenoned to allow for easy attachment. If everything lines up correctly, you can disassemble.

2. Have wood glue ready to apply inside the mortises before reattaching each piece.

3. Apply glue and attach the two long skirt boards to the top of the legs. The easiest way to do this is by standing the legs straight up and having two people attach the skirt board simultaneously.

4. Next, apply glue and attach the bottom stretcher side boards to one pair of the legs. Add the side table apron boards to the top of the legs at this time. You can go ahead and attach the long stretcher board, as well. Set this pair of legs down on the ground on their side with the tenons of the stretcher and apron boards facing upward.

5. Grab the second set of legs (with the long apron board already attached) and attach them to the tenons of the stretcher and side apron boards.

6. Now, you will screw the skirt boards into the legs using the pre-drilled pocket holes. Grab the included attachment screws and use a drill to insert a screw in each of the pocket holes and connect the boards to the legs.

Please note: There will be more pocket holes facing upward in the boards which are intended to attach them to a tabletop.

7. Use the pre-drilled pocket holes on the corner blocks to install them in each corner of the table base. There will be a bolt hole in the center of the block that will line up with a pre-drilled hole in each leg. Insert a washer and bolt into the hole and use a wrench to tighten.

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