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Island Height Corbels

Osborne Wood Product offers a unique alternative to kitchen island legs with a selection of island height corbels. Each of these have been carefully designed to bring durability and impressive detail to your build. Imagine the stunning island or bar that can be created with the delicately-carved Ravenna Island Height Corbel with Acanthus Leaves. Or, for a more simplistic statement, try out the New Orleans Island Height Corbel Bracket.

These corbels range in height and width to accommodate specific projects. They are also available in up to 10 wood types that can be stained or painted to fit your personal style. Each island height corbel comes with key holes in the back for easy installation.

If a certain design grabs your eye, you may want to browse our vast inventory of Corbels and Brackets. This selection includes beautiful wooden components suitable for every room in your home. Pick up complementary pieces in varying sizes for a unique, cohesive look.

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