Custom Milling and More

Exterior Glue – Although we do not recommend our products for exterior use you may request exterior glue be used in the production of your products. The items must be manufactured In House. There is a $6.00 per item service charge for using exterior glue. Please check with our customer service representatives to make sure your items are eligible for this service.

Quarters – A turning may be sent as quarters (all four quarters sent). The item must be symmetrical in order for the product to be eligible for this service. Note: Quarters does allow for the width of the saw blade and are not “Perfect Quarters.” The fee for this is the price of the leg before discounts.

Quarter Notch – 1/4 of the leg will be removed. The fee for this service is 50% of the price of the leg before discounts.

Rectangular Split – The leg will be cut in half for you, from top to bottom. Both halves are shipped with your order. The fee for this service is 50% of the price of the leg before discounts.

Diagonal Split – Split leg diagonally. Both pieces are shipped with order. The fee for this service is 50% of the price of the leg before discounts.

Trim Leg – If you have a specific leg style in mind but need it a little shorter, we can make this happen without a custom! Trimming is $7.50 per cut per leg. Cuts can be made at the top and/or bottom of the turning.

Chamfer – Our chamfer service is done to the top square of the leg. The width and height of the chamfer must be specified. Our standard chamfer is ¾” wide and 4” tall. This service can be added to a leg if the top square will accommodate the specified dimensions, and it is $2.00 per leg.

Skirt Legs – If you order a skirt set, this service will be done automatically and is included as part of the cost of the skirt kit. This service will mill the legs with mortises to match the tenons on the skirt boards, chamfer the corner, and add a threaded insert to go with the hardware for the corner braces. Get your own custom table skirt kit by filling out the form on our website!

Receptacle Notch – Our receptacle notch service is the following size: Receptacle notch is cut 1 ¼” from the top, 3” long, 2” wide, and 2 ¼” deep. There will be a 1″ hole through the center of the leg, so the leg must be at least 1 ¾” wide the entire length. The item must have a top square in order to be eligible for this service, as the notch will be centered in square, and the top block must be at least 5″ tall and 3″ wide. Specifications other than these listed may be done as custom millwork. Contact customer service for availability of other options. The price of our standard receptacle notch is $49.99.

Horizontal Keyhole – Cut a single horizontal wood keyhole in the back of a corbel. The fee for this is $7.00.

Drill Hole – We are able to drill a hole (less than 3 ¾” deep) of varying diameters for hardware. The hole may be drilled on the top or bottom of the item and will be no deeper than 3 ¾”. The service charge is $1.50 per hole drilled.

Shelf Notch – A shelf notch can be added to a square block on the bottom of one of our products. The notch will meet your specification of distance from floor and thickness of the notch, so a CAD drawing will need to be created and approved. Service charge is $35.00 per notch. The leg must have a bottom or middle square.

Mortise – Legs can be mortised on the top or bottom square of the product. The mortise may be milled into 1,2,3 or 4 sides of the leg (if 2- opposite or adjacent). Our standard mortise is 3” long x 3/8” wide x 7/8” deep and is set about 5/8” from the top of the leg. Items must have a top or bottom square in order to accept the mortise. A $10.00 service charge per leg will apply.

Cut Moulding – If you need shorter sticks of moulding, or would like to cut down on shipping costs, we can cut the sticks of moulding so that all pieces are 45” or less. For a 96” piece of moulding this would be two 45” pieces and one 5 ¾” piece.

Trim Moulding – If you would like to save on shipping, we can trim our moulding to 93”.

Through Hole – A 1″ hole can be made through the center of any leg as long as it is at least 1.75" wide (although 2" is ideal). This service is $35.00 per leg.

Custom Milling – Do you have a milling need not mentioned in this section? Contact our friendly customer service representatives for a quote to meet your milling needs at 1-800-849-8876

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