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Equalizing Slides for Standard Tables

The equalizing slide for standard tables is a hybrid design. Combining the function of the standard slide with the smooth rack and pinion mechanism of the equalizer design allows this table slide to support an extra large standard table with a center support. This slide is ideal for 5-legged tables. The equalizing element allows for the center of the slide to remain stationary which is ideal for adding an additional leg to further support the center of the table design.

As part of the table slide selection at Osborne Wood Products is a unique hybrid design of our standard table slides and equalizer table slides. The standard equalizer slides are ideal for five-legged tables. They combine the function of the standard slide with the rack and pinion mechanism of the equalizer slide to support extra large table designs.

The standard equalizer slide allows for a center support with a fifth table leg. The center remains stationary due to the equalizing mechanism. This table slide is ideal for transforming a large dining table into an impressive piece that can accommodate the entire family. Our standard equalizer slides are made of maple and available in 40” or 50” lengths. This allows them to accommodate 49” or 79” openings.

Choosing the correct table slide for your project is imperative to a successful creation. Check out our how to guide regarding table slides and the table slide information page to learn more about selecting the right table slide for your build and table slide installation.

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