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Contemporary Moulding and Trim

Osborne Wood Products has endless decorative designs among the vast inventory of wooden components we offer, but we also understand the importance of simplicity. Subtle details can make huge differences, and our selection of contemporary moulding and trim embodies this philosophy. These simplistic moulding designs add dimension to a room and can act as the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or living room design.

Our moulding and trim collection includes various sizes and designs for you to choose from depending on your intended use. The Contemporary Crown Moulding can be customized by choosing one of our flat carved mouldings and is used to not only hide imperfections but also to adorn the top of walls, cabinetry or pilasters. If you are looking for more of a "less is more" approach, you can utilize this crown moulding by itself and still achieve a stunning result. For the finer details, Picture Frame Moulding can add a modern accent to a wide variety of furniture including mirrors, vanities and picture frames.

All of our wooden moulding options are available in a variety of wood types that are each unfinished and sanded to 150 grit. This allows you to customize the piece with your preferred stain or paint in order to best complement the overall theme you are trying to achieve. Contemporary design is often characterized by lighter tones, but it is a versatile style. As long as you are using modern techniques and components, you can personalize your contemporary home however you desire.

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