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Contemporary Wood Brackets

There are times when an ornate design calls for simple accents, in order to provide a look that is distinctively elegant, yet strikingly uncluttered. For times such as these, Osborne Wood Products is proud to present a line of Contemporary Wood Brackets.

These unfinished wood corbels are sleek and built to bear weight; but they are free from excessive ornament: just smooth, clean lines with subtle curvature. A perfectly subtle accent, lending their support without stealing the limelight, our Contemporary Brackets fit seamlessly into more intricate designs.

Conversely, these lovely corbels can just as easily be the star of the show. Both in rustic Shaker styled designs or more modern settings, the demand for crisp, clean lines plainly calls for a corbel with such distinct simplicity for the focal point of the design. For this purpose, the obvious choice is a selection from the Contemporary Wood Bracket line, which would be a perfect fit into any modern or rustic design alike.

All of our Contemporary Wood Brackets are also available in the slightly more detailed beaded edge design. Subtly adding a touch of intrigue to these versatile brackets, the beaded edge style is perfect for those designs in which a more simple corbel might get lost in the shuffle, and a more ornate corbel with appear crowded and cluttered.

All of Osborne Wood's Contemporary Wood Brackets are available in at least ten wood types. Of course, they are available in the standard choices of Hard Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, and paint grade Soft Maple. With a variety of sizes available, finding what you need is easy. When custom dimensions are needed, however, it is our pleasure to quickly quote custom projects for you.

To read more about how to install a corbel please refer to our Installing A Corbel blog post.

Hardware such as Screws are Not Included with Corbels.

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