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Mission Island and Table Legs

The unique geometric profiles of mission style furniture became popular in the 16th century, and those bold lines with decorative edges is still seen in modern interior design. The distinctive style is influenced by Moorish architecture and developed from Spain missions that were built when they overthrew the Moors. These missions were simple, featuring small windows and thick walls. Osborne Wood Products offers stunning wooden island and table legs that are perfect for your mission style home. The simplistic beauty of mission furniture allows it to complement a wide range of design themes, including arts & crafts and shaker.

Mission style components do not feature ornate carvings. Instead, they boast satisfying recessed grooves in square and rectangular shapes. Many homes benefit from the parallel and square designs, making the Square Mission Dining Table Leg a highly versatile choice. If you are looking to add a touch of unique elegance to a room, try out the impressive Tapered Mission Dining Table Leg. Both of these designs are available in various heights to accommodate coffee tables, end tables, dining tables and kitchen islands. By creating complementary sets, you can seamlessly incorporate mission design into each room of your home.

All of our wooden table legs are available in several wood species and each component is sanded to 150 grit allowing you to apply your choice of wood stain or coat of paint. This customization option makes it easy for you to match your specific style or decor. Whether you are upgrading an existing piece of furniture or need table legs for a brand new build, the mission design is a great option!

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