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34.5" Island Legs

The kitchen island and the kitchen counter are both hubs of activity within a home. They provide a workspace for the creation of exquisite and elaborate cuisine; they become available for extra seating when there are a few more than usual for dinner; they ensure a home for kitchen appliances and items that serve as decorative accents. Few spaces in the home are as versatile as the countertop space within a kitchen.

Beyond that, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and the design of the kitchen islands and cabinets speaks volumes to the warmth and feel of a home. These spaces provide an opportunity to tie in and emphasize the thematic unity of the home decor. The right island post can make the difference between a good design and an incredible one. The right wooden post for your design could be just a click away!

Osborne Wood Products is pleased to offer a host of turned island legs in the 34 1/2 to 35-inch height range. From kitchen island legs to butcher block legs; these beautifully handcrafted components are available in over ten wood types!

While Osborne posts easily serve as decorative wooden posts, they are also suitable for structural use for kitchen islands, island-height tables, shelves, buffets, hutches and more. Carved legs are also available, from the delicate acanthus leaf, to the intricate basket weave, and even including the simple elegance of mission style legs.

Several legs also available in multiple widths - ranging from 3 inches to 5 inches - for even more possibilities. From a bold, stately island requiring massive legs, to a lighter, more delicate feel for which narrower legs are better suited; all manner of design needs can be tastefully met with the delightfully diverse selection available from Osborne Wood Products.

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