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  2. Basket Weave Collection

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  3. Classical Collection

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  4. Contemporary Collection

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  5. Craftsman Collection

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  6. Farmhouse Collection

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  7. Industrial and Metal Collection

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  8. Mid Century Modern Collection

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  9. Mission Collection

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  10. Reeded and Fluted Collection

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  11. Rope and Spiral Collection

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  12. Square Collection

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  13. Tapered Collection

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  14. Traditional Collection

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  15. Vineyard Collection

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  16. Unique and Conceptual Collection

    Unique and Conceptual

Our inventory boasts a large variety of products, many of which complement a certain interior design theme. Our collections make it easy to navigate our selection and create a cohesive look throughout your home. You can mix and match styles for a unique custom look, or stick to one theme and perfect it. Choose from an array of components all of which can be paired together to achieve your dream style!

Whether you like simplistic beauty or have a more ornate taste, our collections allow you to discover which style will work for your home and make it easy for you to execute it.

If your style is more traditional:

  • Classical Collection - Influenced by Greek and Roman architecture which emphasized harmony, balance and order. Rhythmic pieces that are simplistic but feature elegant scrollwork and sophisticated carved patterns.
  • Mission Collection - Originated in the 16th century and emphasizes strength and simplistic beauty. These components are not ornate but are easily recognizable due to the use of square or rectangle recessed carvings.
  • Reeded and Fluted Collection - These graceful pieces have fluted and reeded carvings incorporated into their design. These satisfying patterns are elegant and versatile.
  • Rope and Spiral Collection - Stunning rope and spiral carvings adorn these pieces, providing a sense of movement and interesting texture to your space.
  • Traditional Collection - These simple, timeless designs focus on understatement. They do not require ornate carvings to add dimension to your home. Each one is well-proportioned and sophisticated, making them highly versatile.

If you like modern designs and adaptations:

  • Acrylic Collection - Our high quality acrylic components provide contemporary solutions that can complement a wide range of decor. Choose from furniture feet and table leg designs.
  • Contemporary Collection - Furniture feet, table legs, corbels and even moulding that will help you complete your contemporary home design! These simplistic pieces boast sleek profiles and create beautiful clean lines in your space.
  • Mid-Century Modern Collection - Dating back to the 1950s, mid-century modern design is characterized by warm wood tones, metal accents and simple, tapered profiles. You will find round tapered legs, hairpin metal legs, floating shelves and more in this collection.
  • Square Collection - This collection features everything square! From furniture feet to island legs and even moulding designs, these components boast durable square profiles and simplistic carvings.
  • Tapered Collection - Choose from a variety of tapered designs, including furniture feet, table legs and island posts. These impressive pieces will add sophistication to your home.

If you are looking for something unique:

  • Basket Weave Collection - The basket weave carved pattern resembles the intricate composition of a basket, with the wood elements appearing to be woven together. We offer island legs, corbels and moulding with this stunning design.
  • Unique and Conceptual Collection - This collection primarily features components with Japanese or coastal inspired decoration. Impressive carvings and unique profiles can be found here.

Other popular design themes:

  • Craftsman Collection - Craftsman design focused on practicality and has been popular since the mid to late 1800s. It provides emphasis on the construction of the piece.
  • Farmhouse Collection - Rooted in rustic, country charm, the farmhouse design is known for simplicity and warmth. These hand crafted pieces pair well with other farmhouse elements such as beams, stone fireplaces, oversized sinks and country decor.
  • Industrial and Metal Collection - Industrial design utilizes metal components as stunning features within the home. We have a wide range of metal furniture feet, table legs and corbels to choose from.
  • Vineyard Collection - This collection is made up of intricate designs featuring acanthus leaf and grape carvings. These hand carved pieces add impressive detail to your space.

We are consistently updating our inventory to meet everyone's demands. However, if you can't find exactly what you are looking for? Be sure to browse our full line of products or submit a request for a custom quote. We would love to work with you on the perfect design for your next project!

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