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Architectural Components

  1. Architectural Columns

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  2. Ceiling Medallions

    Ceiling Medallion
  3. Balusters & Newel Posts

    Balusters Newel Posts
  4. Custom Columns

    Custom column

Osborne Wood Products has an impressive selection of architectural components from the Bendix collection. These solid wood pieces include balusters, columns, and medallions. We offer simple designs as well as highly ornate pieces. Each wooden component is available in multiple wood types, depending on your preference. They are sanded to 150 grit giving you flexibility in your design. Add a coat of paint or a beautiful wood stain to the exterior that will seamlessly match your decor.

Our balusters and newel posts are hand carved with delicate detail making them an elegant addition to any home. These can be used to adorn staircases or handrails. They are typically seen in shaker or traditional home designs, but they will add a sense of elegance to any space.

Our ceiling medallions are decorative wooden components that incorporate unique dimension and texture into a room. Install them around a light fixture for an elegant look.

We also offer wooden architectural columns for those looking to make a statement in their interior design. Our columns are available in various heights and can be matched with capitals and bases for a stunning look. Use our column creator to easily create the perfect custom column for your next project.

We offer many other finely-crafted wood components for your building needs. Included in the Bendix by Osborne Collection is a vast inventory of moulding and trim options as well as stunning onlays and appliques. Choose one of these to accent the architectural components and you can create a unique interior design theme.

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