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Coffee & Bench Table Legs

The average coffee table can play one of many roles in the living room of the home. When artistically and beautifully designed, it may invite the eye and draw the admiration of the viewer. When simple and unobtrusive, it may subtly support the theme of the room as a whole, without drawing overdue attention to itself.

Whether it is obvious or inconspicuous, the coffee table is still the central point in any living room. You may desire a coffee table that is the centerpiece of conversation, or a coffee table that is simply where the conversation is held. In either case, Osborne Wood Products has a diverse line of wood coffee table legs that are ready to meet that need.

Hobbyists and woodworkers may often build benches for their dining area in lieu of a full set of chairs. Osborne's coffee table legs stand 18 inches tall and can be used to make dining room benches, which is especially convenient since many of these styles can be matched to Dining Table Legs.

Decorative coffee table legs such as the Old World or the Cabriole style can beautifully accent an intricately designed room. Lending not only their strength but also their elegance, these are not just table support, but works of art! A variety of turnings - ranging from the simple to the more elaborate - are at your disposal through the coffee table leg collection. Carved coffee table legs, such as the Tapered Mission Leg, are the perfect pieces to bring the elements of a Mission or Shaker styled room together. Simple, clean lines and recessed carving display the quiet strength and simple beauty of the Mission genre. Many of these legs are available in at least ten wood types, which include classic favorites such as Red Oak, Hard Maple, Knotty Pine, and paint grade Soft Maple.

From one end of the design spectrum to the other, Osborne Wood Products has the right unfinished coffee table leg for nearly any setting.

Watch our favorite coffee table leg videos here.

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