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Coffee & Bench Table Legs

The coffee table can act as the center of attention or a supporting piece to the theme of your living room. Regardless of design intent, it is often the central point of the space and Osborne Wood Products wants to help you create the perfect coffee table for your home. Our wide range of unfinished 18" legs are sanded to 150 grit and available in a variety of wood types, including Red Oak, Hard Maple, Knotty Pine, and paint-grade Soft Maple allowing for a truly custom design.

A variety of turnings ranging from simple to elaborate are at your disposal throughout our collection. An intricately-designed room can benefit from a decorative style, such as the Old World Coffee Table Leg (Part #1312) or Cabriole Coffee Table Leg (Part #1390). A more contemporary home may feature the Hemsworth Coffee Table Leg (Part #100264) or one of our other modern designs. These are just a few examples amongst the wide array of designs available in our selection.

Our coffee table legs are the perfect height for benches which can be used in a wide range of applications. Whether you want an interesting seating arrangement in your dining room, focal point in your entryway or a quick place to sit in your bedroom, a bench is a must-have in almost any home. If you are interested in using the bench in your dining room, you can easily create a complementary set as many of our 18" legs match the available styles in our Dining Table Leg selection.

Watch our favorite coffee table videos here.

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