Having a hard time finding the perfect component for your project? No worries! We can modify existing products and even create custom designs so that you get exactly what you need!

Please note that any product with custom services applied cannot be returned. If you have any questions about customization options and what products they can be applied to, reach out to our customer service team at 800.849.8876.

Architectural Column Builder

Build your own unique column! This easy-to-use builder allows you to create a wooden column that will perfectly fit your space. Choose from several wood types and heights ranging from 57 1/4" to 100 1/8". Then, mix and match capitals, column styles and bases to complete your design.

Table Base Kits

A majority of our table legs have the option to be included in a custom table base kit. This table apron will seamlessly attach to the table legs chosen as they are built with that profile in mind. These kits include all skirting material, milling and hardware required to assemble. Look for the "Add to Table Base Kit" button when selecting your legs and be ready to share your table dimensions so we can craft the perfect kit for your project.

Hardware Installation

Let us make your build easy by installing hardware for you! You can have a bolt or screw installed into your product, with or without a chamfer. For corbels, we offer industrial hanger, metal keyhole and horizontal keyhole services. Regardless of your hardware needs, we would love to discuss custom hardware installation and help make your project as simple as possible.

Custom Material Options

If you would like your product to have a specific appearance, let us know and we can hand select from our stock items or raw material to match your wants. We can also provide solid stock only if available.

Custom Milling and More

We offer numerous milling services including notching, splitting, chamfering and mortising legs. We can also cut or trim moulding, drill holes in products and provide other services if requested.

Custom Sanding Options

Our wooden components are sanded to 150 grit but you can modify this, if preferred. Request for your product to be sanded to 220 grit or have no sanding prior to being shipped to you.

Custom Shipping Options

Do you have a special request for your shipment? We can eliminate peanuts, add extra shrink wrap, remove the invoice, include additional paperwork and more.

Electrical Receptacle Notch Service

If you would like to add power to your kitchen island, we can install an electrical receptacle into your island post. This service includes a hole made through the leg center for wiring, receptacle notch, outlet and standard receptacle box.

Weathered Wood Distressing

Love that weathered and distressed look? We can weather a product for you! This will not reduce the quality of the product and it can still be finished to your liking. Add just the right amount of rustic charm with a brand new piece. This service is offered on a selection of table legs, island legs, corbels and skirt kits.

Design your own piece by submitting a custom quote request today! Simply click the button below to start the custom process.

Please note: if you need a large quantity of items, you can find out more about large quantity custom quotes here.

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