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Corner & Pedestal Feet

The Ogee, or cyma reversa, is an architectural term dating back to the 14th century during the Gothic period. It appears to have dual origins. While the French were developing the Ogee during their Flamboyant Gothic period, the English were also working on the cyma reverse during what they called their Decorated Gothic period. Although we can't be sure who first combined the convex arch with the concave arch, we do know that its roots are in Western Europe.

These Ogee designs and pedestal feet are perfect for traditional or classic-styled homes but can be included in a number of creative applications. Osborne Wood Products offers a variety of wooden ogee or pedestal feet to choose from, each one exhibiting a different style or profile. These feet are most often used to lift a dresser or enhance an upholstered chair, but there are a large number of ways you can incorporate them into your space.

The sleek shape of ogee furniture feet distinguishes them from other bun feet as they appear to be part of a furniture piece rather than a separate component. Choose from left, right, center or corner feet, depending on which design best complements your project. These are great for transforming an existing piece of furniture or adding unique dimension to a new build. Simple pedestal feet such as the Center Colonial Ogee Foot (Part #4303) are a timeless option that can allow a piece of furniture to be passed on from generation to generation. More intricate designs may call for decorative components to accent the piece. We have several pedestal feet featuring ornate carvings, such as the Corner Acanthus Leaf Ogee Foot (Part #4320).

We also offer several Queen Anne furniture feet. These boast an interesting style that has been around since the 1800s. It remains a common element in current design trends due to its timeless elegance. Osborne Wood Products carries various designs embodying the Queen Anne style, including delicately-crafted wooden furniture legs and corner feet.

With the right pedestal foot design, your furnishings can become works of art!

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