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Mid Century Modern Furniture Feet

Mid-century modern design is making a comeback and Osborne Wood Products has everything you need to achieve a stunning mid-century modern theme within your home, including carefully-crafted furniture feet. These feet can be used to enhance bookshelves, couches, entertainment centers, dressers and more. Whether you are upgrading an existing piece of furniture or perfecting a new build, our collection is bound to have the perfect option for your project.

Beginning in post-war America in the 1950s, mid-century modern design was trying to break away from traditional design and move toward the modern era. Wood reemerged in mid-century modern design which is why we made sure our collection has various wooden feet, but each one has a contemporary twist. The cylindrical tapered profile of the Wheeler Classic Bun Foot is a great start to enhancing your space, but we also offer this design with beautifully-finished metal ferrules. With a variety of ferrules and wood types to choose from, you can create a stunning custom piece that matches your decor. Our wooden components are sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished, allowing you flexibility in your design by adding wood stain or paint to the exterior.

We also carry metal legs that embody the mid-century modern theme. The unique lines and round edges of hairpin legs make them a common decorative element among mid-century modern homes as well as industrial designs. Unlike many of our other products, the Hairpin Table Legs are sold in a set of four and are fully composed of metal with a remarkable flat black finish. We also offer these in dining table height, along with other mid-century modern table leg designs.

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