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Rope and Spiral Island and Table Legs

The rope and spiral carvings seen on various components offered by Osborne Wood Products are popular in a variety of homes. These elegant twists can uplift any piece of furniture in a unique way. We offer our wooden table legs in a range of heights that can accommodate anything from coffee tables to kitchen islands. Choose a rope or spiral leg with a top and bottom block for added convenience, or a leg that has a top block and unique rope design that tapers down to the round foot at the bottom. Top and bottom blocks allow you to incorporate drawers, shelving and other innovative components into your table design.

The rope and spiral patterns create a sense of movement within the home and can help continue a theme from room to room. If you are interested in incorporating more components featuring these intricate carvings into your home, check out our rope moulding and trim collection. You can utilize complementary table legs and moulding options to easily create a stunning, cohesive theme. Moulding is great for finishing touches as it can help accentuate decor and add texture to cabinetry, walls, mantels, furniture and more.

Further customize your look by choosing one of our various wood species. Each wooden component is sanded to 150 grit and ready for you to apply your choice of wood stain or paint color to the exterior. We try to offer these popular designs in various heights and widths to best accommodate your design, but if you are not finding exactly what you are looking for, request a custom quote! Our team is ready to help you achieve your design goals.

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