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Table Pedestals

Osborne Wood Products offers unfinished, ready-to-assemble pedestal kits for you to choose from in a variety of styles. These bases are stylish and sturdy solutions to a custom table and will stand out in any home design. Think outside of the box (or the standard four-legged table) by installing a pedestal base to your tabletop!

Popular pedestal bases include the Mission Pedestal Base Kit which is great for a simple, arts-and-crafts style table. Meanwhile, the Shallowford Pedestal Kit adds elegant depth to a build. Contemporary styles may be made of wood, metal or a fusion of the two.

Full kits (base and feet) range from 25" - 34 1/2" in height. We also offer pedestal centers and feet separately. Due to the specific design of each foot and center, it is recommended that you choose feet designed to fit their specific matching base. Most pedestal parts will come sanded and pre-drilled with hardware installed. The top of the base will have 4 hanger bolts installed. The bottom of the base will be pre-drilled to fit the 2 hanger bolts on each foot.

The hanger bolts on the top of each pedestal attach to a "plate" which will then attach to stretchers or a table slide. Most of our kits are 25" tall which allows the plate and stretcher/slide to add additional height to the table base. Many woodworkers make their own plate system, though if you would like, you can purchase a Pedestal Kit Extender from us.

Watch an instructional video on how to attach a table top to a pedestal base here.

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