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New Products

Stay up to date on the latest and greatest products being introduced by Osborne Wood Products, Inc. New and potential products are conceived and developed frequently in order to offer our customers the most up to date and highest quality products. Based on your needs and requests our new products are designed with you in mind. The styles, sizes, and applications of new products work to solve real problems that furniture makers, craftsman, and hobbyists face; whether it be in their workshop, garage, or warehouse.

For avid hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, or those interested in a furniture project, Osborne offers high quality ready to assemble Furniture Kits. The furniture kit line is constantly growing in order to make your project flawless.

See what Osborne is bringing to the table! When a dining, end, or coffee table project is on your list, Osborne is here to deliver quality table legs. Table leg designs are constantly expanding to offer you the latest trends and styles, while keeping the classic styles in the line as well. Whatever your design, you can find a table leg perfect for the occasion. Stylish and sustainable pedestal bases are also included in this line to give an alternative solution to standard dining tables.

For kitchen island designs there is no better place to start than Osborne's Island Post Collection. Featuring island posts at 34.5, 35.5, and 40.5 inches tall, the right size leg is waiting to be found. With turnings of all styles and wood types, Osborne's island post line is constantly expanding to give your your dream kitchen!

Stay up to date with more new products in the Corbels, Molding, and Applique product lines! Check back frequently as new designs are introduced on this page.

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