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Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has been offering the Bendix Collection since December of 2015 following the acquisition of Bendix Architectural Products, Inc. Bendix Architectural Products was officially founded in 1924. However, the history of the company can be traced back to 1854. That is when members of the Bendix family first started producing wooden mouldings in Germany. Before the acquisition by Osborne in 2015, Bendix was located in Passaic, NJ but had been located in both New York and New Jersey during its long history.

The acquisition of Bendix by Osborne included all products, product lines, and the name of the company, Bendix Architectural Products, Inc. Bendix was a good fit for Osborne because Bendix was so well respected in the industry. The Bendix offerings of mouldings, corbels, appliques, and crown mouldings complemented the Osborne line and provided some excellent new products to Osborne customers. Conversely, Bendix customers benefited from the expanded selection of Osborne products. At the time of acquisition, Leon Osborne, CEO of Osborne Wood Products, Inc. noted, "I’m very excited to serve the woodworking industry by offering this unique and beautiful line of products. We are confident that Bendix products along with Osborne's world-class service will benefit the trade."

Since the acquisition, Osborne continues to celebrate the legacy of craftsmanship present in the Bendix line. Now, fully integrated into the Osborne family, all former Bendix products are designated by the Bendix Collection notation at the bottom of the product description on the product page. It represents our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest-quality component parts to you, our customer, as we continue our desire to help you build something beautiful.

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Representative Products in the Bendix Collection

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