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Vineyard Corbels

Osborne Wood Products has an expansive collection of wooden corbels ranging from simple to ornate designs. Corbels and brackets were originally used as support but quickly became decorative components within interior design, as can be seen in our vineyard collection. Vineyard architecture was developed as a means to display wealth and abundance, but it remained popular in interior design due to its sophistication and elegance.

Our vineyard corbels feature intricate hand carved details of grape clusters and acanthus leaves. These carvings are used modernly as ornamentation in kitchens, wine cellars, bars and more. They pair well together and can be used throughout the home for a stunning, cohesive look. Our wide range of corbels includes everything from small accent pieces to extravagant island height corbels. In addition to a lot of classic profiles, we have unique corbels with stunning cutouts such as the Large Open Grape Corbel. Corbels provide support for overhangs but can also be used to elevate the look of cabinetry, countertops, shelving, fireplace mantels and more. Regardless of the corbel you choose, the vineyard collection will bring a sense of elegance and luxury to your interior.

All of our wooden corbels are available in multiple wood species, depending on your preference. Each piece is sanded to 150 grit and ready for you to add your choice of wood stain or paint. With so many sizes and designs to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your next build. Corbels may be an integral part of your design or act as a finishing touch. To further accentuate your theme, check out our selection of vineyard moulding and trim options which can be used to seamlessly tie a space together.

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