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Carved Grape Corbels

What once began as a necessary functional piece for stability and support has now become an iconic focal point for many designs. Corbels and brackets were originally produced solely for the purpose of bearing the weight of an overhang, whether from a counter top, bar, or mantle. Today, corbels and brackets are no longer required to be purely functional. In fact, many would argue that they are required to also be aesthetically beautiful!

Osborne Wood Products offers gorgeous Carved Grape Corbels and Brackets. For decades, Osborne has been your go-to source for decorative wooden corbels. Up to 9 wood species are available for most standard corbels. Wood types include both paint- and stain-grade options. With so many available wood types, Osborne can help you find the perfect corbel for your design. Metal options include a variety of finishes, as well as the contemporary stainless steel option. With metal corbels you can easily match your decorative brackets to your hardware or kitchen fixtures.

The collection of decorative corbels and brackets from Osborne is quite extensive. Within the collection, you will find many styles and sizes available for your choosing. Styles such as the Arts & Crafts or Shaker styles can be found alongside fellow traditional designs. Hand carved detailing graces the face and sides of many corbels including the mission, grape, acanthus, and basket weave. New contemporary light corbels feature a unique ambience that can be made possible without the help of an electrician! All of these styles, along with many other eclectic pieces, can be found on our site.

Corbels and brackets are the perfect way to add style and support to your countertops. Corbels are the perfect option for counters, bars, mantels, open shelving, and range hoods.

To read more about corbel uses and how to install a corbel please refer to our blog post on how to install a corbel.

Please be aware that hardware (such as screws) are not included with corbels.

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