Electrical Receptacle Notch Service

Modern home designs often incorporate innovative solutions including hidden power outlets. If you are interested in adding electrical power to your kitchen island or table design, we offer a solution that will make your project as simple as possible! With the electrical receptacle notch service, we will make the leg ready to be wired and installed with ease.

Please note that posts eligible for this service must have a top block that is 5" tall and 3" wide.

What Will I Receive?

The Receptacle Notch Service (electrical receptacle) includes:

  • 1" Hole through the Leg Center for Wiring Application
  • Receptacle Notch
    • Cutout will be 1 1/4" from the top of the leg
    • The receptacle is 3" tall, 2" wide and 2 1/4" deep
  • Single Device (outlet) and one 12-2 conductor
  • Standard Receptacle Box

Why Add the Electrical Receptacle Notch Service?

  1. Code & Regulations. Outlet requirements for free standing kitchen islands can easily and aesthetically be met with the receptacle notch service. This is for a ground-fault fed receptacle.
  2. Increased Functionality & Ease of Use. Outlets can be strategically placed throughout the home for more efficient and simplified use. This is especially common in modern homes as the outlet is seamlessly incorporated into the design.
  3. Project Ready. Island legs arrive ready for wiring to be installed and an outlet put into place. No intricate cutting is required as post(s) arrive with standard box in place ready to accept wiring and outlet.

How to Add the Electrical Receptacle Notch Service

  1. Browse our Selection of Kitchen Island Posts
  2. Select a post by clicking the image
  3. Select the Receptacle Notching Service in the services box below the wood species selection
  4. Pricing will adjust accordingly. Click Add to Cart to add island post with Receptacle Notching Service

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