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Osborne Wood Products offers a line of woodworking hardware supplies for our customers, which go hand in hand with Osborne dining legs and kitchen island posts, corbels, decorative accents, cabinet and furniture feet, and more. For the secure attachment of bun feet, furniture feet, and sofa legs; screw dowels (also known as dowel screws) are available at an overall length of 4 inches wide, with a width of 3/8-inch. Another piece of hardware which coordinates with many of those same components is our hanger bolt, with or without an accompanying nut and washer. The hanger bolt is 4 inches long and 5/16-inch wide. These hardware items are suitable for wooden table legs, pedestal feet, and even for square furniture feet - when one needs to be sure that the corners will be flush with the body of the furniture. The hanger bolts are also available in a set of corner brackets for table leg attachment to a skirt or apron. Osborne Wood Products also carries escutcheons, as well as an eight piece bed hanger set.

For corbels, an industrial metal bracket is available for high weight applications. These have been tested to bear one thousand pounds each, although we do also advise that the corbels must be mounted at a stud for the highest effectiveness, and also that proper spacing of corbels and corbel projection be considered. Hardware can be ordered along with the other items in your cart, or call and speak to a friendly customer service representative to discuss having the hardware installed by our experts. Our production team will happily install hardware on bun feet and legs. Also, if you already have the hardware or need dimensions not offered here, we will gladly pre-drill your components to meet those dimensional specifications. If ordering hardware alone, please call the office to ensure using the least costly shipping method.

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