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We have an expansive collection of products for you to choose from and you can see them all right here! Our inventory is constantly changing with new products being released frequently. Regardless of your project, you will be able to find high quality components that fit your style. If you are looking for something specific, make sure to navigate through our categories to find exactly what you need. Don't forget that if something is not the perfect fit for your build, we would love to work with you on creating a custom design. Simply fill out our custom quote request form to get started!

Table Legs & Pedestals

Our selection includes wooden, fusion, metal and acrylic designs. Whether you are upgrading the feet on a sofa or building a dining table for your new home, our wide selection is bound to have what you need. Create complementary sets by pairing similar coffee and end table legs or dining and bench table legs. Styles range from simplistic profiles to intricately carved designs. All of our wooden turnings are sanded to 150 grit allowing you to easily customize them to fit your desired look. We also offer various pedestal bases if you are looking for a unique way to support your table design.

Kitchen Island Legs & Pilasters

The support used on a kitchen island can be the defining element of your entire kitchen design. That is why we carry a huge range of kitchen island legs in a myriad of styles. Choose from a high quality wooden post with a stunning carved profile, or grab the corner post or pilaster needed to complete your cabinetry design. We also offer island height corbels which are guaranteed to stand out in any home.

Cabinet and Furniture Feet

Have you been looking for ways to upgrade your space? Updating the feet on your existing furniture is an easy upgrade and with so many sizes and styles to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your home. We also offer a selection of cabinet feet which can be used to add beautiful detail and dimension to your space. Whether you are giving an old piece an uplift or building something new, our versatile collection is the first place you should look!

Industrial Casters

An innovative way to add functionality to your space is by replacing furniture feet with metal casters. We offer casters of various sizes to best fit your project. Add them to your coffee table, ottoman, end table, and even kitchen island to create stylish mobile solutions within your home.

Corbels & Brackets

Corbels were originally created as a means for supporting overhangs, but they have developed into important decorative elements within home design. Our vast selection includes every style or size you may need to complete your build. If you are aiming to achieve a certain theme, you can browse our stylized corbels and find the best option for your project. Use corbels underneath your kitchen countertop, along a fireplace mantel, to support a shelf and more!

Architectural Components

Along with the smaller details, we can help you complete the larger components of your home design. Our architectural components include columns, ceiling medallions, balusters and newel posts. If you are looking to make a big impact without overshadowing the rest of your decor, we have a custom column creator that makes it easy for you to get the exact look you are aiming for.

Table Tops and Kits

It is easy to create your own custom table design by pairing one of our table legs with a high quality wooden table top! To make it even simpler, check out our full table kits which include the legs, table apron and table top. We offer custom table aprons for a majority of our table legs - just look for the "Add to Table Base Kit" option when selecting your legs and we would be happy to help make everything you need to complete your design!

Chair and Bench Kits

Build beautiful wooden bench seats or chairs with our full ready-to-assemble kits!

Turning Blanks and Dimensional Stock

If you are looking to turn your own piece or would like a square block that has not been sanded, we offer square turning blanks in a range of sizes. Choose from 18"-40 1/2" heights and 2"-5" widths and begin creating your own custom piece today!

Moulding and Trim

The finer details of a design can completely transform your space. Perfect those details by selecting one of our stylish wooden mouldings. From simple contemporary looks to classic carved designs, our selection is sure to have the perfect finishing touch for your project. Our mouldings include half round profiles, light rail, gesso, crown, embossed and more. Dress up your cabinetry, furniture, walls or even ceilings by adding moulding or trim. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Furniture Components and Miscellany

We want you to be able to customize every room in your home, which is why we carry a wide range of furniture components. Create a stunning bed with our wooden bed posts, add onlays and appliques to your kitchen or bathroom, install shelving in your living room or bedroom and more. Our selection also includes cabinetry panels, finials, and knobs and pulls.

Hardware and Accessories

We want to help make your project easy and simple, which is why we carry a helpful selection of hardware and accessories. Get the tools you need to install corbels, mount table legs, create barn doors, lift your table and more.

Table Slides

Are you interested in maximizing your table? Create a versatile design that extends to accommodate more guests by installing table slides. We offer three types of table slides in various sizes. Choose from standard, equalizing and a hybrid design depending on the table you are working with.

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