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Recessed V Stabilizer

When working with wooden components, there are inevitable factors that can affect the wood over time. Tables are often exposed to moisture and humidity which can cause unexpected changes in their composition. As the moisture in the wood changes, wooden tables can experience warping, washboarding, cupping and gapping. To minimize this possibility, Osborne Wood Products offers various sizes of metal stabilizers as well as the hardware necessary to install them to your table. These stabilizers were made exclusively as a method of strengthening your table and reducing the possibility of warping or cupping.

Our metal stabilizer bars are available in lengths ranging from 15.5” to 72”. Each stabilizer has elongated screw holes that allow the table top to freely move along the length of the opening as the wood changes. They fit inside a recessed groove that can be created by using a custom milling cutter. If you are using a CNC machine, you can purchase the V Stabilizer Groove CNC Milling Tool (Part #988) in order to easily create the recessed groove needed. We also have the V Stabilizer Groove Router Bit (Part #989) that can be used with a router to create the recessed groove.

Once the groove has been created, it is easy to install the stabilizer to your table design. Now your table will be safer from moisture and humidity issues. By taking this extra step in your build, you are guaranteeing that your custom table will last for generations. To learn more about our recessed V stabilizers, check out our informational video demonstrating the hardware and its use.

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