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Table Slides

  1. Split Frame Table Slides (Standard Slide)

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  2. Fixed Frame Table Slides (Equalizer)

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  3. Equalizing Slides for Standard Tables

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Originally, the only way to expand or contract dining tables was by adding or removing tables from the overall length. Now, Osborne Wood Products offers everything you need to create an extended table design. We offer three different types of table slides that can accommodate four-legged, five-legged and pedestal base table designs. Our high-quality table slides are easy to use and provide versatility in your home without taking away from the style.

Our Standard Table Slides can be installed on four-legged tables to allow for extension of the table to accommodate more guests. This table slide design consists of a series of parallel boards that are able to slide back and forth on smooth joinery with a male and female butterfly notch routed along the edge for support. These slides can accommodate openings from 26" to 120". We also offer Equalizer Table Slides, which are meant to be installed on tables that feature a single pedestal base. These table slides feature a rack and pinion system that allows the table to open and close easily while remaining balanced. These table slides accommodate openings from 25 1/2" to 79". Lastly, we have a unique fusion design that can be used on five-legged tables called the Standard Equalizer Table Slides. These combine the function of the standard slide with the rack and pinion mechanism of the equalizer slide in order to accommodate extra large table designs.

If you are looking to add breadboard end extensions to your table, you would need our Breadboard Table Slides (Part #9065).

With four variations and numerous sizes to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your next project. For more information about choosing the right table slide and installation, please visit our how to guide for table slides and the table slide information page.

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