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Reeded and Fluted Moulding and Trim

Osborne Wood Products boasts a wide range of wooden moulding and trim options from simple to ornate, and everything in between. This includes half round moulding with a reeded design that is complementary to a large number of interior design themes. Our moulding is offered in various widths and lengths so you can pick the best fit for your build. Our wooden components are also available in several wood species, depending on your preference. They are each sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you can apply a custom finishing touch by selecting the wood stain or paint for the exterior.

The versatility of moulding allows it to be used in any room of the house. Reeded and fluted moulding designs create a satisfying flow throughout your space. They feature repetitive carvings that are simple but can completely transform a room. Add moulding to your cabinetry, walls, furniture and more. If you like the added dimension created by incorporating reeded moulding into your room, try pairing that with one of our reeded and fluted furniture feet options. Combining these similar designs can make it easy for you to achieve a stunning, cohesive living room.

While moulding is ideal for emphasizing the finer details of a room, reeded and fluted island and table legs can be used to make a bigger statement. This collection also features the parallel carvings found in reeded moulding. They can help complete your overall theme while adding a sense of dimension and sophistication within your living room and kitchen.

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