Our Facility

Osborne Wood Products is located in the beautiful mountains of Toccoa, GA. We have an impressive facility, with the building square footage totaling more than 56,000 square feet. With a climate-controlled warehouse, state-of-the-art equipment, lean management practices, and more, Osborne is already a prime example of a quality business and work environment.

Osborne Wood Products is continually looking for improvement areas, to be better able to meet our customers needs. We work to have the most up-to-date equipment and processes. Our seven custom built CNT hydro lathes enabling us to make intricate custom legs within a business day.

Some of our most recent advances include:


  • Used for twisted designs
  • Efficiently creates square items


  • To mortise skirt legs and add tenons to skirt boards
  • Custom mortises, tenons, and drilling
  • Edge profiling of table tops
  • Reversible glue joints


  • Similar to the HPMT #1, but with a much bigger capacity
  • Uses HSK for quick change of tooling
  • Faster and more efficient to use

Glue clamps for larger capacity on table tops

Converted the old leg mortise machine

  • Now does the mortise slot for metal keyholes on the back of corbels
  • This used to be done by hand; this is safer, more efficient, and more precise
  • Retrofitted drill press
  • Two spindle drills
  • Faster to drill pilot holes in the corner blocks

As you can see, Osborne has been busy improving the facility to better be able to meet your needs! And progress is still being done; a redesign of the corbel production area to be more streamlined and effective is currently underway.

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