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Basket Weave Moulding and Trim

Osborne Wood Products offers various sizes of moulding and trim featuring the intricate basket weave pattern. Moulding and trim can be used in a wide range of applications. Apply it to cabinetry, tables, furniture and more as a way to add dimension to the space while accentuating decor. The popular basket weave pattern is complementary to numerous styles including farmhouse, classic and traditional. It creates a sense of warmth and coziness within the home, often reminding people of picnics or family meals.

Moulding allows for you to seamlessly transition a theme throughout the home. It is often used as finishing touches within a design. Each moulding is available in a variety of wood types, depending on your preference. Once the hand-carved piece is complete, it is sanded to 150 grit allowing you to apply the stain or paint color of your choosing. If you would like to include more basket weave carvings into your project, pair a moulding and trim option with one of our basket weave island legs or basket weave corbels. By utilizing these similar designs together, you can create a stunning cohesive theme that is unique to your home.

Our product inventory includes a large number of moulding and trim options. Some customers even combine different styles to create distinctive designs. The possibilities are endless and regardless of your vision you are bound to find the perfect high-quality wooden component to achieve your goal among our vast selection. Browse more of our moulding and trim options to further enhance the overall look of your project.

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