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Acanthus Leaf Corbels

Corbels and brackets were originally produced solely for the purpose of bearing the weight of an overhang, but they transformed into decorative components of interior design. Whether you have a luxurious or more simplistic taste, our collection is sure to have the ideal corbel for your build. Among our ornate options are stunning acanthus leaf corbels. Each of these feature hand carved details of acanthus leaves, an ornamental design that has been popular for centuries.

Due to the popularity of acanthus leaf furniture, we have taken that style and created an expansive inventory of different shapes and sizes featuring those delicate carvings. Our corbels may be used as small accents on a headboard, support for shelving, framing components of a range hood and so much more. We offer traditional options such as the Simple Acanthus Leaf Corbel (Part #891996), or more obscure profiles like the Narrow Beaded Corbel (Part #892078).

Each corbel is available in multiple wood species allowing you to customize your selection depending on your desired result. You can choose a paint grade or stain grade option and finish the piece to match your specific decor. This means that every corbel will be unique to your space, even if it is a popular profile.

Our wooden corbels have keyhole openings on the back to allow for easy mounting. To read more about corbel applications and installation, visit our informational page on how to install a corbel. Please note that hardware (such as screws) are not included with corbels.

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