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Acanthus Leaf Corbels

Corbels and brackets were originally produced solely for the purpose of bearing the weight of an overhang, but they transformed into decorative components of interior design. Osborne Wood Products boasts a large inventory of corbels, including more ornate pieces like the acanthus leaf selection.

Acanthus leaves have been a popular ornamental design for centuries. We have taken that style and created an expansive inventory of different shapes and sizes featuring the same delicate carvings that are part of acanthus leaf furniture. We offer traditional options such as the Simple Acanthus Leaf Corbel, or more obscure pieces like the Narrow Beaded Corbel.

Each corbel is available in multiple wood species allowing you to customize your selection depending on your desired result. To read more about corbel applications and installation, check out our blog post on how to install a corbel. Please note that hardware (such as screws) are not included with corbels.

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