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Farmhouse Island and Table Legs

To help customers achieve the popular farmhouse style within their home, Osborne Wood Products offers a wide range of wooden table legs to choose from. The farmhouse style is typically simple and rustic, however, it is common to incorporate other design elements with that traditional look to create pieces with a unique charm to them. Table legs can be utilized in any room of the house and paired with other popular farmhouse creations such as farmhouse sinks, accent walls, shiplaps, stone fireplaces and large overhead beams.

Our wooden table leg collection features everything from sofa legs with subtle curves to kitchen island legs with intricate carvings emphasizing the round features of the design. The variations of farmhouse designs include thin profiles such as the Narrow Farm Island Leg all the way to 5” wide turnings such as the Massive Farm Coffee Table Leg. Regardless of your preference, we have simple components as well as unique pieces that feature elements of other styles. Our impressive inventory is bound to meet the demands of your specific build.

One popular trend within farmhouse design is creating bench seats that match the dining table, rather than using chairs. In response to this, we have created various bench legs that are complementary to our dining table leg designs. Please note that coffee table legs are also an ideal height for bench seats and can be used to create a complementary dining room set. All of our wooden components are available in multiple wood species, depending on your preference. They are sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you have the flexibility of applying the paint or stain of your choosing to the exterior of the piece. Farmhouse design is often characterized by white paint, but light stains or clear finishes that show off the natural wood color are also common.

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