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The uncluttered and simple shape of a mission corbel can add just the right amount of detail to a kitchen, dining room or living room. Osborne Wood Products were influenced by the Spanish origins of the mission style when developing the mission corbel line, and have continued to add innovative designs to the collection.

Mission design is simple yet decorative, with clean lines and bold edges. The minimalist profile is versatile and can be used to adorn shelving in a rustic cabin or the countertops of a wet bar in a modern home. Available in numerous wood types and sizes, our mission corbels make an impression that is confident, but not overstated. They can be paired with components of our Mission Collection for a stunning, cohesive look.


The earliest use of corbels and brackets was purely structural. All over Europe, one might see medieval and pre-medieval uses of simple, unadorned corbels serving as supports at the point where exposed ceiling beams met the interior walls. That quiet beauty and strength remains popular in interior design and is why Osborne Wood Products offers an expansive selection of traditional corbels and brackets.

Our traditional wooden corbels are timeless, boasting simplicity and purity in design. Within this collection you will find a wide range of profiles, including geometric half-circle arcs, the elongated "S" and light interpretations of the ogee shape.

These wooden corbels are available in a variety of wood types, allowing for flexibility in design. Each piece is unfinished and sanded to 150 grit so that you can easily customize with wood stain or paint.


The Classic Corbel selection at Osborne Wood Products consists of a variety of traditionally carved brackets. There are several sizes available in this line, from small, decorative pieces to impressive island height designs. Each classic corbel features delicate hand-carvings with sophisticated bevels and intricate patterns.

The subtle beauty of these carved corbels lends well to a wide range of kitchen designs. These brackets are used in various applications such as countertop supports, range hoods, shelving, and more. They can also be used to add unique ornamentation to shelving or fireplace mantels.

Our wooden corbels are available in multiple wood types, depending on your preference. Each piece is unfinished and sanded to 150 grit so that you can apply your choice of wood stain or paint for a custom look. If you like the classic design, continue the theme throughout your home by pairing corbels with other table legs, moulding and other components within our Classical Collection.


Osborne Wood Products is proud to offer a line of metal corbels and brackets for you to consider for your next project. These simple yet elegant corbels are perfect for cabinets, bars, mantels, or even shelving. They pair beautifully with other products in our Industrial and Metal Collection, but can also be used as a complementary contrast to any of our turned wood products.

Metal components add sophistication, style and exceptional character to cabinet work. Our metal corbels range in design from the hefty Lincolnshire Massive Metal Corbel to the delicate Florentine Scroll Corbel which incorporates a sense of movement with its stunning "S" turn. Many contemporary designs are included as well, featuring straight lines and sleek style. Most of our metal designs are available in flat black to match any decor, but some are also offered in brushed aluminum and bronze finishes.


Another expansion of the corbel collection at Osborne Wood Products includes a selection of contemporary designs. Contemporary corbels feature sleek curvature and crisp lines that emphasize sophistication and beauty. They are perfect for providing support to countertops, shelving, range hoods and more while enhancing the decor of the space.

Our contemporary corbels include metal and wood designs, from simple bars to more complex pieces with stunning carved edges and details. By pairing contemporary corbels with an island leg, table leg, moulding or furniture foot from our Contemporary Collection, you can easily create a beautiful cohesive look throughout your home.


Corbels have long been an integral part of architecture with the sole function of providing support. As the original stone and concrete designs transitioned into smaller, wooden pieces, corbels started transforming into decorative components within the home. The vast inventory of decorative wood corbels at Osborne Wood Products shows how versatile they are within interior design. Corbels can be used as statement pieces, or as accents within an already decorated room. Regardless of your intention, we have the perfect fit for your project.

Among our selection you will find wooden corbels boasting delicate grape carvings, brackets embellished with intricate bevels, and innovative metal designs. We continue to expand our collection to best suit your build, whether you are aiming for an industrial, classic, modern or traditional theme. Our corbels are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, depending on your preference. Smaller pieces are ideal for adorning countertops, shelving, range hoods and more. Larger pieces, such as our Island Height Corbels, can make an impressive statement in the kitchen or as a decorative element of a living room fireplace.

All of our wooden components are available in multiple wood species. Each piece is unfinished and sanded to 150 grit allowing you to customize your design with your choice of wood stain or paint color. The possibilities are endless with so many creative ways to incorporate decorative corbels into your home. Check out our blog for more information on how to install corbels.

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