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Carved Decorative Corbels

Osborne Wood Products has a large selection of carved decorative corbels for you to utilize as decorative elements or supportive components within your space. Corbels can be used as accent pieces underneath countertops, fireplace mantels, shelving and more. They can even be used as bookends or as ornamental pieces on furniture. Regardless of your intent, they are sure to give your design unique dimension and texture that will set it apart from other creations.

With beautiful hand-carved detail, these wooden corbels will give your home an elegant uplift. Our carved decorative corbels come in various sizes and shapes. The hand carvings may include simple edges and bevels that complement the profile of the piece, as seen in the Florence Bar Corbel (Part #8090). This design is simple enough that it will not overshadow the rest of your decor but also elegant enough that it will transform the look of your space. Other corbels feature impressive intricate designs along all sides of the piece that make them a work of art in themselves. One example of this is the stunning Large Carved Corbel (Part #892002).

These stunning wooden corbels are available in several wood species, depending on your preference. Each corbel is sanded to 150 grit and unfinished, giving you the flexibility to apply your choice of wood stain or coat of paint to the exterior. The possibilities are endless!

To read more about corbel applications and installation, check out our guide on how to install corbels and brackets. Please note that hardware (such as screws) are not included with corbels. All of our wooden corbels feature keyhole openings on the back for easy installation.

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