Custom Shipping Options

Shipping line

No Peanuts– We realize that sometimes those little peanuts seem like more of a pest than an asset to your project. Eliminate the little guys by calling and requesting your item ship with No Peanuts! We’ll make sure there is no escaping foam when you open your next package from us.

Double Shrink Wrap– Wood is not a stable element, and sometimes changes in moisture can cause the product to crack. This is one of the reasons we request that you inspect and finish the items immediately upon arrival. If you also want to give them extra protection on the way, we can add additional shrink wrap to help prevent cracking due to moisture change while in transit.

No Invoice/Packing Slip– Are you shipping your items to a finisher or customer? You may choose not to include a packing slip with your order. We can email you a copy of your invoice, and leave the packing slip out.

Packing Slip on Outside of Box– Make the task of sorting boxes more efficient by having the packing slip attached to the outside of your box. There’s no need for digging through packaging and products to find the slip with this option.

Include Paperwork in Shipment– Do you need to place additional paperwork in the box to be sent with the order? Request this service and email/fax it to us, and we will include it in the shipment!

Rush– A rush guarantees that your product leaves our building the day it is ordered. To check if your product(s) are available for this service call our customer service line. Rush orders shipping ground are an additional $12.00 for the Rush Service. (Expedited shipping does not require a $12.00 charge and you can call to check the shipping options for your order.)

Bill Recipient– Do you have a FedEx or UPS account? Let us know we can ship on your account! We won’t charge you for shipping, but a handling charge will apply.

Hold for Ship Date– Do you need to order our products but are going out of town? Maybe you need to hold off on receiving the box. We can manufacture, box, and hold your products in our warehouse until your specified date.

Add Hard Cardboard Edging on All exposed Side Corners of Products – Are you wanting extra protection for the edges of your legs during shipping? We can add our hard-cardboard edging to give extra protection to your items. This service only applies to standard legs 29” – 41” in height. The cost of this service is $2.28 per order.

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