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Contemporary Furniture Feet

Osborne Wood Products carries a large selection of wooden furniture and cabinet feet and we continue to expand our collection to accommodate the evolving contemporary style. There are numerous applications for furniture feet including sofas, ottomans, chairs, tables, bookshelves, entertainment centers, dressers, and even cabinetry. Choose from various geometric profiles that portray the beauty in simplicity. These components do not feature ornate carvings and focus more on the shape of the foot.

Contemporary design is often characterized by clean, crisp lines. Our contemporary furniture feet boast impressively tapered wooden profiles, like the Two Sided Taper Leg, as well as fusion designs, such as the Contemporary Sofa Leg, which combine wood and metal for a unique look that is complementary to modern and industrial decor. Metal ferrules and sleeves are commonly seen adoring contemporary feet and table legs as they make a big impact in a simple way. They are available in various finishes so that you can choose the one more suitable to your decor.

Furniture feet are often the finishing touch that can add extra appeal to your space. Incorporate them into a new build or revamp an existing piece of furniture with our wide range of designs. While lighter woods are popular among contemporary design, our components are available in several wood species. If you prefer darker tones, you can still create a modern piece as long as you use contemporary components and techniques. Each of our wooden components are unfinished and sanded to 150 grit allowing you to easily apply any color of stain or paint to the piece.

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